Written in 2009/12/14.

Love for reading

I do think reading is important. It inspires, educates and entertains us.

It was not until I was a second grade student in junior high that I acquire the habit of reading.

I am not sure, but I believe that I came across a website focusing on learning strategies. There was some book recommendations on the site, and I try reading some of them. They did inspire me very much. For one thing, I started to study English hard and it pays off. Now my reading ability is much better than I was. And this enables me to learn so much by reading English books and websites. Also, I became fascinated by the books of neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology. I keep reading books about my brain and how to improve my ways of learning. They are helpful and interesting at the same time.

I have developed a love for reading. I read almost any kinds of books now. physics, biology, computer science, novels and literature. I read books about science more often, though.

I believe I can become better by reading. There are new thoughts, new ways of life and new knowledge. I try to change my self by applying the techniques I learned from books. And it sometimes works wonderfully. So I make it a rule to read every week. This way, I can always be learning. And it becomes a measurement of my time management. I must never be too busy to read, if I don’t have time reading, maybe it’s time to change my schedule.

Pleasure of Little Things

I am not the kind of person who enjoys party or other social activities. Often, when I hang out with my friends, we just talk and do nothing particular. I love this kind of feeling. Just be together, and no more.

When I am by myself, I spend much time reading or using computer. Basically, I am always learning. I use my computer to design software, read ebooks, create webpages and learn languages. I love learning. I seldom play, it just doesn’t fit me.

Maybe I am a serious person, too serious that some people find me boring.

But that’s all right. I have tried to participate in some activities that I have never tried before, and found that while they are pleasant, they are not my way of life. What I should do is spending more time with my close friends and try to make new friends in my own way.

I should live in my own style, only then will I be happy.

My dear friends, I do appreciate you. I feel fortunate to have you as my friends.