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About An Island

An Island is my first blog. I mainly write about my daily life and thoughts here. This blog was initially created on 目光相對, but because the service was shutdown, I moved the blog to at April 2nd, 2006. Some time afterwards, I decide to take more control of An Island, and I move the blog to my own domain at July 11th, 2018 and use a static site generator to generate the content.

I named the blog An Island because it gives me the feeling of one’s own world. I hope I can write my articles freely here.

About the Author

Shaform Shaform

I smile a lot and have a sensitive mind. I do things carefully, like to think, and pay attention to details. I want to learn things and become a better person. I enjoy reading a lot.

My goals: Personally, I hope to have a group of close friends and the opportunity to meet friends of diverse backgrounds. I hope to face challenges in life with the ones I love. I hope to be free and independent economically. I hope to be able to choose what to do freely. I hope I could always be learning and be growing during my life. For society, I hope to promote the love for knowledge and the openness of information. In addition, I hope to contribute to the world.

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