My umbrella is broken, again. The winds in Hsinchu are so strong. Now, I have to carry it very carefully to use it. I still haven’t buy a new one. Seems like I am too lazy to do so. And I am still wondering where can I buy a strong umbrella, which can stand longer. I like folding umbrellas, they are easier to carry.

It has been rainy so some days. I am not sure when the weather would change. I really don’t like a rainy day. Well, actually it does not rain very often in Hsinchu. But every time it rains, the winds become strong, and that is terrible.

“Rainy days are beautiful.” Some people say. Indeed the feeling is very different. Calmer, and … sadder. It’s a time that you can take time to appreciate some strange thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I feel I am too busy. Too busy to look around the world. But at least this gives me one thing good: it leaves me no time to cry.

But you cannot always escape like that, can you? Take time to think, and you may find what’s really important. What you have ignored for such a long time.

I have left this umbrella behind somewhere for two times, but luckily both times I got it back. Still it would leave me. Hit by the heavy rain for these days, standing there to face the winds. It is broken now. But I still carry it, waiting for a new one to come in.

Considering the strong winds, this may happen many times in the future.